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Packing Tips

10 Packing Tips for a Smart Move

Follow these packing tips from A Star Mover for a smart and simple move.

1. The most important packing tip is to label everything! Labeling each box with its contents and the room it is intended to go in will make unpacking a breeze.

2. Put heavier items in the bottom of boxes, lighter items toward the top. This makes moving and box arrangement easier on your A Star Movers, and helps prevent items from breaking.

3. Instead of taking each clothing item off its hanger and packing it, wrap garbage bags around groups of 10-15 hangers so they are ready to hang up in your new home.

4. Keep your jewelry from tangling or breaking by packing earrings in empty egg cartons, and threading necklaces through straws.

5. To avoid an empty space in your boxes, fill gaps with towels, linen, or packing paper. These will act as space fillers and padding to protect your valuables.

6. Keep your clothes in your drawers. A Star Mover will gladly move your dressers with clothing still inside of them for your convenience.

7. Pack plates vertically, and wrap them in clothing. This will save space and avoid breakage.

8. To avoid a potential mess, plastic wrap all soaps or liquids before packing.

9. Keep your pillows and blankets clean by wrapping them in garbage bags before packing them.

10. Place an X with masking tape across the glass on your mirrors. This won’t prevent them from breaking, but in the unlikely event they do break it will absorb the shock and keep the glass in the frame.

Don’t want to pack at all for your move? A Star Mover can not only lend you packing tips, but we can actually provide you with a full-service move to your new home that makes sure that you never have to lift a finger. Get complete packing and unpacking services with A Star Mover.

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